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UNINVITED is a 1988 American horror film written and directed by low budget filmmaker Greydon Clark.

When shady businessman "Wall Street" Walter Graham attempts to dodge the law by sailing off to a remote island paradise, he brings along a bunch of young spring break revelers. However, when a cat escapes from a dangerous scientific experiment and makes its way on to the boat, the passengers soon discover that it is harboring a deadly secret. They say cats have nine lives...YOU have only ONE!

It's the height of summer and Crap Film Club is ready to take you all on holiday with us, so let's set sail and head for the high seas...oh, and without wanting to let the (poisonous mutant) cat out of the bag, we're bringing along a furry surprise guest!

Continuing our run of terrible '80s horror films, Uninvited gives the viewer everything they could possibly want from said genre and much more; idiotic characters, bizarre plotting, conflicting acting styles, far too much hairspray, a cat puppet thing that grows and shrinks randomly from scene to scene, and screen legend George Kennedy visibly ruing the day he signed on for this mess.

Trust us, you've never seen a movie like this and, hey, you can't trust British weather anyway, so grab your Hawaiian shirt and Ray Bans and prepare to cast off on the good ship CFC. We'll have all the crap on board that you need for a fantastically bad voyage!

If you're keen on fun cheesy flicks or mutated killer cats on yachts, then this is the flick for you!

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Bottom line, this movie is a total piece of shit...make sure you leave your brain on the pier

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Honestly one of the most gloriously idiotic/awesome things I have ever seen!

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Uninvited is exactly the right kind of bad movie

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Enjoyably bad. What else would you expect from spring breakers stuck on a ship with a criminally insane, coke-snorting CEO and a radioactive cat?


This movie mixed with a bad hangover, some beers and good friends is an unforgettable experience