Star Crash


Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 - 18:00


The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH

STAR CRASH (original Italian title Scontri stellari oltre la terza dimensione, literally "stellar clashes beyond the third dimension") is a low-budget Italian-American 1978 science fiction film, which was also released under the title The Adventures of Stella Star in the US. The film is generally regarded by critics as a campy B movie with cheap special effects and a weak, derivative plot that some people find unintentionally humorous. It appeared a year after the original Star Wars and tried to re-mix the same elements, and later gained a cult following.

The story begins familiarly enough, with a huge spaceship tracking through an extremely colorful space scene while under attack by some kind of unknown and deadly force resembling a lava lamp. Being no match for the '60s acid-flashback rays, they manage to jettison a few escape pods just before being blown to kingdom come. Fast forward now to the other end of the galaxy, where we find the best smugglers in town -- gorgeous Stella Star (Caroline Munro) and space-pimp Akton (Marjoe Gortner) -- outrunning a band of cops on their tail. Eventually, they're caught, taken into custody, and sentenced to intense Labor Camps, where Stella is forced to wear a skimpy Barbarella-like outfit by the extreme, merciless guards. A break-out ensues, and in the intense laser shoot-out, Stella manages to escape, only to be captured again by the semi-green-skinned Thor (Robert Tessler) and his annoying southern-drawled robot, Elle (voiced by genre veteran Hamilton Camp). Brought in front of the Emperor of the Galaxy (Christopher Plummer) and reunited with Akton, the sexy duo find themselves suddenly in charge of finding Prince Simon (DAVID HASSELHOFF). Thus begins the heroes' amazing adventure through space and time as they search for Hasselhoff and end up fighting Amazons, Cavemen, and the Evil Count Zarth Arn (Joe Spinell) along the way.

It's Hoff Night at Crap Film Club, so join us to savour the best worst Star Wars rip-off ever made AND David Hasselhoff's feature film debut (well...almost!). Munch on astro-themed crap snacks, stare in fascination at crap film trailers, experience the aural and visual ecstasy of Hoff music videos, and perhaps even win a prize in our crap competition.

"Star Crash is a masterpiece of unintentionally bad film-making. It's a completely ridiculous movie, that's great to watch with a few friends and a beer or two." - DVD Talk

"The single greatest sci-fi camp fest ever put on celluloid." - IGN

"Both the most ridiculous and the most irresistible of all the Star Wars knock-offs of the late seventies and eighties." - Parallax View

"Star Crash lacks any sense of reality, is rife with ridiculous dialog, and is filled with special effects that are extraordinary in their cheesiness. I recommend it without reservation." - Bad