Samurai Cop


Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 - 18:00


The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH

Join us on 15 October as we sharpen our katanas ("it means Japanese sword" - quote alert!), comb our mullets, pull on our stone washed jeans and enjoy SAMURAI COP, the film where the Far East meets West with unintended hilarious consequences. This is what happens when a former bodyguard of Sylvester Stallone is cast in an American martial arts film, despite lacking any previous acting experience or, indeed, martial arts training.

The plot is simple: a Japanese gang is up to no good in Los Angeles and it's down to Joe Marshall, a long-haired, lone-wolf from San Diego, trained by the "masters in Japan" in the Samurai ways, to stop them. Unsurprisingly, the story goes nowhere...what we do get to pass the time are multiple, unnecessary, and overly long sex scenes, low-speed chases, stilted fight scenes artificially sped-up, multiple scenes of scheming and veiled threats, the angriest police captain in screen history, and a token partner who seems to be the only one who realizes he's in an awful movie. Obviously trying for a 'Lethal Weapon with martial arts' sort of vibe, this movie fails on pretty much every level...we LOVE it!

"A stunning pile of crap that you can't help but viciously mock and enjoy" - DVD Talk

"To say this film is bad is like saying the Pacific Ocean is slightly moist. There simply aren't sufficient adjectives in the English language to convey the intrinsic stinkiness of this celluloid dung heap. Fortunately, this means it's also pretty damn funny" - Eccentric Cinema

"An awesome, one-of-a-kind movie that seems like it was made on another planet, Samurai Cop stands alone in its charming, winning, violence-and-nudity-packed ineptitude." - Comeuppance Reviews