The Mighty Peking Man


Tuesday, 17 February, 2015 - 19:00


The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH

Titans of '60s and '70s Hong Kong cinema, the Shaw Brothers are best-known for their many martial-arts films, but Mighty Peking Man is an exception. An energetic, shameless attempt to cash in on the 1976 remake of King Kong, Mighty Peking Man varies that movie's formula only by having the giant ape (or in this case, ape-like proto-human) come from India instead of Skull Island. Playing a heartbroken explorer, Danny Lee (The Killer) leads an exhibition to recover the legendary Mighty Peking Man. But once he's in the wilds of India, Lee finds not only the monster but also a barely clad, barely articulate nubile jungle woman (Evelyne Kraft), who befriended the gargantua as a child. Recognizing the potential to capitalize on his find, and not wanting the pass up the opportunity to indulge in a classic male fantasy, Lee returns to Hong Kong with both Kraft and the beast in tow, leading to some inevitable havoc-wreaking. There are trashily enjoyable B-movies, and then there are trashily enjoyable B-movies that at some point cross the line into something greater by throwing in such details as a crying elephant and a montage sequence in which two people fall in love while frolicking with a friendly, surprisingly laconic leopard. Mighty Peking Man belongs to the latter category, making it ideal viewing after midnight—or, if you're already inclined to watch a man in an ape suit smash up a scale model of downtown Hong Kong, any time of day.

Join us for the first Crap Film Club of 2015, and for a Valentine's Day special screening of the film that proves sticking to what you're good at is usually the best course of action! Slip on your gorilla suit, peel a banana and swing on down to The Book Club to enjoy the shoddiest story of giant monkey love in cinematic history, and, if that doesn't make you go ape, we've got trailers, crap music videos and our celebrated crap make it your prim(at)e directive to buy a ticket!

"Mighty Peking Man is a movie that defies critique. The effects are crappy, the script is worse, and the plot holes are big enough for a giant ape to walk might just be "so bad it's good."" - LOVE HK FILM

"With two-dimensional characters doing amazingly stupid things, all in badly-dubbed glory, the movie seems to exist only to be ridiculed." - BAD MOVIE REPORT

"There is a classic “bad filmmaking” vibe that makes it hard to tear one’s eyes away from the screen, if only to see what lunacy will unfold next." - B-MOVIE GRAVEYARD

"This film really tries to do it all (except have a cohesive story, good acting, and good special effects… minor details)." - RETRO SPACE