Friday, 1 November, 2013 - 19:00


Lime Wharf
Vyner Street. London E2 9DJ

When his gorgeous fiancée "goes to pieces" in a freak lawnmower accident, aspiring mad scientist Jeffrey Franken is determined to put her back together again. With the aid of an explosive superdrug, he sets about reassembling his girlfriend, selecting the choicest bits from a bevy of raunchy New York prostitutes. But his bizarre plan soon goes awry. His reanimated girlfriend no longer craves his body... she craves every body! And, for money, she'll love anyone... to death!

Join Crap Film Club and Lime Wharf as we proudly join forces for a special Halloween screening of FRANKENHOOKER, the film that proves giving crack to guinea pigs will only end messily. There'll be terrifying trailers, scary snacks and prizes galore, so..."wanna date?!"

"The film is a riot, especially the "Exploding Prostitutes" scene!" - Bad Movies