Deadly Prey


Tuesday, 5 August, 2014 - 18:00


The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH

One day, Michael "Mike" Danton wakes up. He goes downstairs, where his wife asks him to take out the trash. He takes the bin out to the sidewalk—and a van full of random guys kidnaps him for no reason. These men work for Colonel Hogan, a former military leader who now rents out his team of ruthless mercenaries to the highest bidder. Hogan keeps his men sharp by letting them abduct and hunt unsuspecting human targets in the desolate jungles of… southern California. But this time, the mercs have made a huge mistake. You see, Danton is a former Vietnam vet trained to kill by Colonel Hogan himself. As soon as they release him, he quickly fashions a stylish vest out of leaves and begins to off his hunters one by one...

Imagine FIRST BLOOD made on a budget of fifty quid. Imagine John Matrix from COMMANDO and Chance Boudreaux from HARD TARGET had a kid together… and then imagine that kid made a movie. Well, you’re in luck because director David. A Prior and his brother Ted have made your vision a reality!

Quite simply, you'd be hard pressed to find a crap film as consistently entertaining as DEADLY PREY. It may look like it was filmed in someone's backyard (probably because it was), but everyone involved takes things so seriously that it elevates the whole enterprise into another realm of ridiculousness. There's hammy dialogue ("DANTONNNNNNN!!!!"), a moronic plot (what were the odds Hogan would kidnap his former pupil, who just happens to live in the same neighbourhood?!), and, best of all, a hero who shrugs off multiple gunshots and grenades before beating an enemy to death with his own severed arm. Oh yes.

DEADLY PREY has never had an official DVD release - in fact, it's taken us two years to obtain the screening rights - so don't miss this rare opportunity to see it on the big screen. Grow a mullet, oil up your pecs, slip into a tiny pair of denim jeans and join us to enjoy the film that is "absolutely, positively mandatory viewing for all fans of bad action" and rightfully earns its place in the hallowed Crap Film Club Top Ten.

"The best part about Deadly Prey is that they spared every expense" - Internal Bleeding

"There are many things that make Deadly Prey a bad movie gem. Pretty much everything, actually." -

"It's pure gold from start to finish. Hell this is better than gold...this is depleted uranium sold on the black market to smugglers wearing fur coats on their own personal yachts. It's that good." - Explosive Action

"Soaring like an eagle made of cheese...Deadly Prey is simply the most fun you'll ever have watching a movie." - Amazon