About us

Crap Film Club, or CFC, is one and all of many things. It is a place to celebrate and commiserate with the movies that went straight to DVD. It’s where we accept poor scripts, poor acting, and poor camera work and provide a platform of non-judgement. In fact, the less critically acclaimed the film, the better. Together, we watch the ridiculous, we enjoy the non-believable, we congratulate the absurd, and we acknowledge that anybody can be a filmmaker – in fact we encourage more people to make crap films.

Ultimately, CFC rejects films that are made with the deliberate intent to challenge and anybody that criticises a lack of continuity or an unrealistic plot simply does not belong.

This is a place where we will share our crap film experiences by reviewing the films we’ve watched and sharing stories of how we’ve been inspired. We’ll lead you through a history of films we’ve seen to date. Feel free to suggest more, or just get in touch….